Welcome to System Notes

Sysnotes.org is a home for computer system builders to post "notes" on their craft. Inspired by EDWs and the "tech notes" of most research organizations, sysnotes are meant for two-plus page papers on building computer systems, especially scalable Internet services. Sysnotes fill a gap left by Power Points on Scribd, technical blogs, You Tube recordings, and other forums that systems builders use to share their thoughts. See the first sysnote for more on system notes.

For information on making submissions and on leaving comments, see our FAQ.

Catalog of System Notes
No. Date Title Summary
0 Mar 27, 2010 Introduction to System Notes A decription of and the motivation for System Notes, plus some light ground rules.
1 July 1, 2011 Audit, Patch, and Bootstrap Practical advice for handlying Byzantine errors in state-replication systems.